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Steampunk Mechanical Necklace | Vintage Angel Wings faux watch

Steampunk Mechanical Necklace | Vintage Angel Wings faux watch

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The Steampunk Mechanical Necklace is a stunning vintage-inspired accessory that will make a bold statement. This intricate necklace features a central mechanical Steampunk Mechanical Necklace with movable gears and wings that evoke a sense of steampunk style and detailed craftsmanship. 

The focal point of the Steampunk Mechanical Necklace is the exquisite Vintage Angel Wings faux watch. The antiqued brass wings fan out to form the watch face, accented by a gear motif. The wings give the illusion of a pocket watch transformed into a striking statement necklace. Turning gears are visible behind the watch face, adding beautiful dimension and motion. 

The long brass chain of the Necklace has an adjustable lobster clasp closure to customize the length. This lets you wear the Necklace as a choker or let it hang lower as a pendant. The vintage patina finish gives the Necklace an antique, well-loved look.

The Steampunk Mechanical Necklace is a unique statement accessory with its intricate steampunk and vintage inspirations. The movable parts and antiqued details make this necklace a work of art.


Product information:

  1. Size: The dial is round 20mm, the wings are about 54*33mm, and the default matching bronze chain is 70cm long.
  2. Material: Dial (the old antique watch core is dismantled and cannot be moved). The parts are mainly copper and iron
  3. Color classification: necklace + black carton packaging, necklace + flannel box + ribbon

  4. Features:
  5. Mechanical watch movement jewelry can not move, pure decoration

    Packing list:
  6. Necklace + Black Carton Packaging / Necklace + Flannel Box + Ribbon

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