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Vintage Steampunk Mechanical Watch Angel Wings Necklace

Vintage Steampunk Mechanical Watch Angel Wings Necklace

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The Chronograph Cherub: A heavenly timepiece with handcrafted angel wings embracing an antique mechanical watch. As the seconds tick by, admire the dance of precision gears behind crystal glass and a sculpted pewter cherub who keeps time for eternity.

Product information:

Size: The dial is round 20mm, wings are about 54*33mm, and the default matching bronze chain is 70cm long.
Material: Dial (the old antique watch core is dismantled and cannot be moved) The parts are mainly copper and iron

Color classification: necklace + black carton packaging, necklace + flannel box + ribbon


Mechanical watch movement jewelry can not move, pure decoration

Occasionally there will be traces of rust in the movement, please be careful antique movement
The owner is handmade out of stock. Please ask for the specific delivery time.

Packing list:

Necklace + Black Carton Packaging / Necklace + Flannel Box + Ribbon

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