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Steampunk PU Leather Women's Bag Outdoor

Steampunk PU Leather Women's Bag Outdoor

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The Retrofuturist's Runaway Bag

A time-traveling satchel for adventure, this antiqued brass-buckled beauty packs hidden pockets and secret straps to stash tools for escaping dystopian timelines or dodging temporal paradoxes.

Product Details:
Material: PU
Luggage Size: Medium
Popular elements: retro
Opening method: lock
Pattern: plain

Size information:
Size: The minimum waist circumference is 70CM (the waist can be adjusted and enlarged), the back tie rope can be adjusted, the total length of the tie rope is 130CM, the bag height is X23CM, the bag width is X19.5CM, the back tie rope length is 130CM, and the front middle zipper height is 8.5CM

Package Contents:
Waist bag X1

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