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Personalized Cycling Fashion Steam Punk Sunglasses

Personalized Cycling Fashion Steam Punk Sunglasses

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Product information:
Transmittance classification: sun visor
Spectacle structure: full frame
Color Style:
Style A: Sand black grey chip
Style B: silver frame white mercury
C style: pearl red mercury
D style: gold and mercury in earthy yellow frame
E style: black checker grey chip
F style: sand black ice blue mercury
Style G: Sand black dark blue mercury
H style: sand black powder mercury
U style: gun frame white mercury
Style J: pearlescent blue mercury
K style: pearl purple pink mercury
L style: pearlescent light blue ice blue
M style: sand black green mercury
N style: champagne frame pink mercury
O Style: silver frame grey chip
P style: pearlescent green grey slice
Q style: Earthen yellow frame grey chip
R style: pearlescent blue grey chip
S style: sand purple frame purple slice

Dimension information:

Packing list:
Glasses * 1

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