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Gothic Sheep Horn Vampire Shooting Props

Gothic Sheep Horn Vampire Shooting Props

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Crypt Kicker

Unleash your inner creature of the night with this crypt-kicking conversation starter! This Gothic sheep horn fires foam stakes for freaking out friends and foes. Make a midnight statement with this cult couture costume accessory. Be brave, be you—be the life of the underworld party with the Crypt Kicker! #gothic #halloween #costume #statement #cultcouture


Product information:

Material: cotton and linen
Style: Europe and America
Style: Unisex
Style: croissant
Packaging: Individually packed
Hairpin classification: side clip
A: A pair of black horns
B: A pair of white horns
C: A pair of black horns and two roses
D: A pair of black horns and a single rose
E: A pair of white croissant champagne pink roses
F: A pair of blue rose and black horns
G: A pair of white roses and white horns
Type: Photography props
Popular elements: flowers, flowers
Condition: New
Novelty: Freshly baked


Photography props

Packing list:

A pair of hairpins


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