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Tarot Card Earring Design - Acrylic Double Sided Tarot Earrings

Tarot Card Earring Design - Acrylic Double Sided Tarot Earrings

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Unleash your inner mystic with these double-sided acrylic tarot card earrings, a spellbinding pair designed to turn heads and reveal hidden truths. 

Crafted from acrylic in a unique tarot card earring design, these lightweight danglers feature intricately etched artwork on both sides - one depicting the High Priestess, her all-seeing eyes gazing into your soul, the other showing the Moon, phases glowing against an inky night sky.

Slip these tarot earrings on and feel their magick. They'll catch the light with every movement, their mysterious imagery flashing for all to see. For those who walk between worlds, let these acrylic tarot card earring designs proclaim your gifts. Their delicate shapes and spiritual symbols mark you as one who sees beyond the veil and nurtures your psychic senses.

Wherever your journey leads, from crowded streets to moonlit groves, these tarot earrings will be your constant companions, amplifying your energies and connecting you to the universe within. Let their power awaken your inner witch.

  1. Style dangle earrings
  2. 10 Designs to choose from
  3. Colorful and Unique
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