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Alien show costume Suit

Alien show costume Suit

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Stand Out at Your Next Sci-Fi Event with This Show-Stopping Alien Costume Suit


Whether attending a sci-fi convention or hosting a themed party, this alien costume suit is an out-of-this-world way to transform yourself. Lovingly crafted to capture extraterrestrial beings' excitement and intrigue, this costume will help you make a stellar impression.


Made from high-quality materials, the costume includes a full-body jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, gloves, and a headpiece. The fabric stretches and conforms comfortably to your shape while maintaining the costume's structure. Intricate detailing like scales, ridges, and piping replicates alien skin and adds visual interest. 


The headpiece is particularly impressive. Sculpted into an alien design, it features a fierce open mouth and large, mesmerizing eyes. The built-in mesh allows you to see clearly while still concealing your identity. Just slip it over the jumpsuit to complete the look from head to toe.


Whether you pair it with glowing LED lights or intricate makeup, this show-stopping costume transforms you into an awe-inspiring alien. The intricate details lend an air of authenticity that will help you fully immerse yourself in character.


Become the Life of the Party in This Alien Costume Suit


Make a stellar impression at your next event with this fantastical alien costume suit. Expertly designed for costume parties and sci-fi conventions, it lets you take on the identity of an intriguing alien visitor. The detailed costume transforms you entirely and helps you get into character.


At the core of the costume is a full-body jumpsuit made from stretchy, comfortable material. Thanks to seams and paneling that mimic an alien's scales and skin, it hugs your shape while still looking structured. Attached shoe covers, gloves, and a headpiece complete the head-to-toe transformation. 


The headpiece truly makes this costume stand out. Sculpted into an alien design, it features a fierce open mouth and mesmerizing eyes. The built-in mesh lets you see, breathe, and stay comfortable all night. Just slip it on over the jumpsuit to become an awe-inspiring alien.


Vibrant colors, fun textures, glowing lights - go bold to make this costume your own! Your friends and fellow party-goers won't be able to take their eyes off you. Take on the persona of an extraterrestrial visitor and get ready to be the life of the party!

  1. Applicable occasions: cartoon dolls
  2. Applicable gender: neutral/male and female
  3. Fabric name: Plush fabric
  4. Main fabric composition: cotton
  5. The content of the main fabric composition: 90 (%)
  6. Item No.: Martian
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