About Us

MaramaliveTM is a unique clothing and jewelry brand catering to men and women of all Ages. Specializing in Victorian, Gothic, Punk, Retro, and Steampunk Cosplay styles, MaramaliveTM offers one-of-a-kind items for those seeking unusual and distinctive fashion. Mārama bases her collection of clothing, apparel, and jewelry on her unique style based on what she would wear. She developed a collection that spans through the decades depending on her style whim at the time. She acknowledges trends and their relationship with music media. Comparing styles of generations and her blog discussing the music influences that created a media Fashionista!


With a mission to uphold Mana by honoring customers with the shopping experience they expect, MaramaliveTM incorporates traditional Maori values of treating others how you wish to be treated. The brand slogan, "Be Brave,Be Brilliant, Be You!" encapsulates the essence of embracing your true self. MaramaliveTM enables customers to express their individuality through imaginative designs and excellent service.
 My name is Marama. And I live in New Zealand.