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Vintage Steampunk Butterfly Pendant Necklace Gift

Vintage Steampunk Butterfly Pendant Necklace Gift

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The Metamorphosis Necklace: A mechanical butterfly awakens and emerges from its copper cocoon, ready to take flight on a chain of steampunk dreams.

100% new design and high quality
Must-have for fashion women
Have a beautiful appearance


Size: The dial is round 30mm, the base is about 45mm, and the default is to match the bronze chain 70cm long (sweater chain)
Material: Dial (the old antique watch core is dismantled and cannot be moved) The parts are mainly copper and iron
The owner is hand-made, and the watch core is made of discarded mechanical watches as raw materials.
Disassembled and assembled, and then decorated. Time-consuming


The mechanical watch core jewelry cannot move around, it is purely decorative, the movement occasionally has traces of rust, mind taking pictures carefully

Package Content:
Necklace + black box / necklace + flannel box + ribbon

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