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Dragon Head Bracelet | Titanium Steel Punk Jewelry

Dragon Head Bracelet | Titanium Steel Punk Jewelry

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The Dragon Head Bracelet is a bold and eye-catching piece of jewelry that makes a statement. This Bracelet features a Bold Chain design and Leather that wraps around your wrist, rendered beautifully in polished titanium steel. The punk aesthetic of the Bracelet gives this titanium steel jewelry an edgy, artistic vibe. 

The Dragon Head Bracelet has an intricate, textured dragon head motif that stands out. As you turn your wrist, the dragon head design almost seems alive. This titanium steel punk jewelry piece has a dramatic contour of the mythical beast's head clasp.

The Bracelet clasps secure closure so you can wear it comfortably all day. Make your outfit pop by layering the Bracelet with other titanium steel punk jewelry pieces. With its imaginative dragon design, this Bracelet is a showstopping addition to your jewelry collection.

Forged titanium steel dragon head bracelet brings mythical magic to your wrist. Slip on the ferocious dragon head and feel the fiery spirit within.

  Product information:    

  1. Material: Titanium steel, Cortex
  2. Treatment process: Electroplating
  3. Type: Bracelet, 
  4. Style: Men's
  5. Modeling: Animal/Zodiac
  6. Packaging: Individually packed

Packing list:

One bracelet

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