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Steampunk Leather Shoulder Armor - Cosplay over-the-Shoulder Shield

Steampunk Leather Shoulder Armor - Cosplay over-the-Shoulder Shield

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Rebel against conformity and embrace your inner steampunk warrior with our Steampunk Leather Shoulder Armor - Cosplay over-the-shoulder Shield. Crafted from distressed leather and polished metal, this striking shoulder armor evokes the daring spirit of steampunk's Victorian-era pioneers. 

Slip on this Steampunk Leather Shoulder Armor to feel the heft of hand-riveted leather straps caress your shoulders. A polished copper plaque emblazoned with mysterious glyphs protects your upper back, while the over-the-shoulder Shield creates an aura of bold adventure.

Whether you wear this Cosplay over-the-shoulder Shield to a costume party or as a daily display of your maverick spirit, the riveted leather and aged metal will make you feel ready for an expedition to new frontiers. Celebrate your inner rebel and let your uniqueness shine every time you don this Armor - the perfect Cosplay over-the-shoulder Shield for those who dare to be different.

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  1. Product information:
    Color: Black
    Size: average size
    Material: Leather
    Applicable holidays: Christmas, Halloween, Easter
    Craft: Handmade

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    Shawl armor * 1
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