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Shooting Props Scene Decorating Candles

Shooting Props Scene Decorating Candles

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Product information:
Product name: Crystal Cave Fragrant Candle
Candle material: mixed candles
Use space: suitable for bedroom, study, etc
Combustion duration: about 10 ^ 11h
Wax raw material: it is made of aromatic candle raw material, which is non-toxic, and does not add any coagulant or other additives

Special reminder:
1: In summer, candles will sweat under high temperature. Please place them in a cool and dark place:
2: Handmade aromatic candles have tiny bubbles, artificial traces, fingerprints and other fine conditions.

Tips for using candles:
1 It is not recommended to light scented candles with multiple flavors at the same time, because the flavor will be messy;
2 When burning candles for the first time, please keep burning for 1-2 hours;
3 Before the candle is lit, please cut the candle core to keep it within 1cm. Cutting the candle core can help the candle burn evenly, and can also prevent black smoke from burning and smoke from the wax cup.

Packing list:
Candle X1PCS

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