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Stainless Steel Male Lock Five Piece Set

Stainless Steel Male Lock Five Piece Set

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Product information :

Material: Stainless steel
Color : Silver
Function and use: increase the fun
Product name : 3cm high stainless steel lock bracelet anklet collar
Main body size: optional for men and women
Specifications: men's perfect circle, men's oval, women's perfect circle, women's oval
Specifications and dimensions: Men's collar inner diameter 13.7 cm, height 3cm, round handcuffs 6.0cm, oval handcuffs about 6.3*5.5cm Women's round handcuffs 5.2cm Oval handcuffs about 5.5*5.0cm Women's round handcuffs 7.3cm Oval handcuffs 7.8*6.8cm about height 3cm thickness 0.7cm
Note:The price is more than 50$, not responsible for any after-sales, mind not to shoot


Packing list:
Anklet*1 pair

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