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Essential Ghillie Suits & Camouflage for Deer Hunting

Essential Ghillie Suits & Camouflage for Deer Hunting

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# Blend In and Hunt Like a Pro with The Ghillie-Suit for Men

Are you looking for the ultimate camouflage to take your hunting game to the next level? Look no further than the Ghillie-Suit for Men. This top-quality hunting ghillie camouflage suit is designed to make you virtually invisible in the wilderness. Hunting Ghillie Camouflage Suit

## Disappear Into Your Surroundings

The Ghillie-Suit uses a three-dimensional camouflage design to mimic natural foliage. The suit is covered in burlap strips and synthetic blend materials to recreate the look of brush, twigs, leaves, and grass. This allows you to blend seamlessly into meadows, forests, and other landscapes.

In addition, the Ghillie-Suit comes with a drawstring hood and face veil. This lets you conceal your face and head to become fully invisible to wildlife. No matter if you're stalking deer, elk, turkey, or other game, they won't spot you coming. 

## Built Tough for Hunting Use  

While it hides you incredibly well, the Ghillie-Suit is also durable enough for rugged use. The materials are snag-resistant as well as water, wind, and fire-resistant. Whether you're crawling through mud or hunting in rain or snow, this suit is up for the challenge. 

The Ghillie-Suit is also lightweight and breathable, so you won't overheat while wearing it. The design allows for full range of motion and the freedom to take any hunting position.

## Customizable Camouflage 

To optimize concealment, the Ghillie-Suit allows you to add natural elements from your specific hunting environment. You can insert additional burlap strips, local foliage, grasses or twigs to blend perfectly into your surroundings.

For the best in adaptable 3D camouflage, choose the Ghillie-Suit for Men. Discover why elite hunters consider it essential gear for getting close to wildlife without being seen. Hunting Ghillie Camouflage Suit.

  1. Item Name: Ghillie Suit
  2. Model: cs-jungle
  3. Material: Synthetic Fiber
  4. Color: Jungle Camouflage
  5. Size: one size (suitable for 165-180cm person,
  6. general weight)
  7. Good for: hunting / bird watching / CS game /
  8. waterfowl / Surveillance
  9. Weight: 1.5KG with carry bag

  10. Size chart
  11. Shoulder: 62cm
  12. Chest: 126cm
  13. Sleeves: 63cm
  14. Jacket length: 74cm
  15. Pants size: 68-90cm
  16. Pants length: 106cm

    1. Elastic and drawstring in the waistband of the pants.
    2. Elastic waist and cuff in the jacket.
    3. Easy snap closure on the jacket.
    4. Adjustable chin bar in the hood.
    5. Drawstring bag.
    6. Breathable, mildew resistant, moisture resistant.
    7. Camouflage Ghillie Suit Using High Quality Hemp Fabric Material, Easy To Clean, Won't Shedding Cabbage, Breathable Clothing Bright Color And Pure Stable, Not Faded And Deformation.
    8. Durable and breathable mesh lining, providing maximum comfort for hot climate!
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