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Colorful Dodecahedron Art Lamp - Versatile Adjustable Attractive Light

Colorful Dodecahedron Art Lamp - Versatile Adjustable Attractive Light

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The Colorful Dodecahedron Art Lamp is an eye-catching light fixture that adds ambiance and style to any room. Crafted from high-quality anodized aluminum and glass, this lamp is as durable as it is beautiful.

The twelve glass panels create a kaleidoscope of color. The versatile design allows you to adjust each panel to display different colors and patterns.

Whether you want to set a relaxing mood, energize your space, or make a statement, this lamp has you covered.

Place it on your desk to help you focus, hang it in your living room to liven up your decor, or put it on display in your meditation space to aid relaxation.

No matter where you put this lamp, it will add an extra pop of color and style. The attractive light can transform any room from a weekday workspace to a weekend party spot.

Let your creativity shine by customizing the many color combinations of this versatile and adjustable lamp. Colorful Dodecahedron Art Lamp is the perfect accent light to brighten up your home ambiance.

Product details:
  1. This colourful and useful lamp is a fun statement piece that will make any room or lounge
  2. stand out Made with high-quality anodized aluminum and glass, it is durable and won't easily fade.
  3. With the ability to change the color of the light using the button on the USB cable,
  4. it's easy to create the perfect ambience.
  5. The coloured lights make your home more attractive at night, making it the ideal
  6. sacred space for yoga, meditation, or family gatherings. This charming lamp has adjustable lighting to meet all your needs.
  7. It's also a great choice for a housewarming gift for family or friends. Rest assured, we offer 100% satisfaction, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  8. The lamp is made of iron and acrylic and is artfully designed in a modern and simple geometric shape. The package includes one Acrylic Art Light.
  9. this model has an app, a music mode, a stand, and the size is 18×18
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