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Behold this stunning Steampunk watch

Behold this stunning Steampunk watch

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an authentic statement piece that transports you to a bygone era of Victorian ingenuity and style. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this luxury timepiece features a solid brass case adorned with gears, springs and other mechanical accouterments reminiscent of an antique clock. The rugged yet refined design evokes the Industrial Revolution and the golden age of steam power, when science and artistry were one.

With its Gothic-inspired numerals, filigreed hands and vintage-inspired leather strap, this watch is a work of art that will complete any stylish steampunk or neo-Victorian ensemble. A unisex fashion accessory suited for cosplay and costume, it is also a timeless gift for anyone enchanted by the romance of the Victorian era.

More than just a watch, this wearable work of art celebrates the maker’s spirit of invention and craftsmanship. An authentic statement piece, it transforms any outfit into a bold expression of passion for the anachronistic and fantastical. Escape the mundane and embrace your inner eccentric rebel or romantic visionary.

For those seeking a signature accessory that transcends fleeting fashion and makes an indelible impression, the Steampunk watch is a must-have investment in imaginative style and craft. Mechanical beauty meets the Gothic spirit in this watch, where every detail tells a story of otherworldly wonder and the glory days of steam.


Style: antique
Thickness: 38
Dial diameter: 52
Crown Type: Spiral Crown
Buckle style: single folding buckle
  Material: Stainless steel


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