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Calligraphy Pen Writing Experience the Art of Writing Redefined.

Calligraphy Pen Writing Experience the Art of Writing Redefined.

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As you unbox your Artistic Writing Redefined with Calligraphy Pen, Experience a world of artistic writing possibilities awaits. This hard pen's straight iridium tip glides gracefully across the paper to create swooping thick and thin strokes characteristic of the calligraphy pen writing experience.

Let the inspiration flow freely through the tip of your pen to craft elegant cursive scripts. Whether an amateur artist or a seasoned calligrapher, experience the art of writing redefined with this premium calligraphy pen.

This pen provides comfort and control for artistic writing with its sleek hexagonal barrel and soft grip. Each stroke feels effortless yet makes an impact. This adult pen transforms simple writing into an art form.

Discover your inner calligrapher and awaken a passion for the lost art of penmanship. Your handwriting will take on new life with the fluidity of motion this pen allows. Pick up this calligraphy pen today and immerse yourself in the joy of artistic writing once more.


  • Product Information:
    Color classification: Bright black
    Writing thickness: Ming straight tip No. 5 (0.5~0.7mm) Ming curved tip No. 6 (0.8~1.2mm) Rubber-tip calligraphy soft brush type calligraphy soft pen No. 1straight tip (0.38~0.42mm) 2 straight tip ( 0.5~0.7mm) No. 3 curved tip (0.8~1.2mm) No. 4 curved tip (1.2~1.7mm)
    Package type: official standard
    Packing method: Single pack
    Production enterprises: Su Mofang
    Applicable scenarios: Writing, calligraphy, pen
    Nib composition: Iridium pen
    Country/Region: ChinaPen tip type: Standard type
    Inking method: Rotating ink absorption
    Pen barrel material: Metal
    Pen tip embedding method: Dark tip
    Pen body texture: Glossy ink material
    Quality: Non-carbon ink

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