Collection: Watches, Bands & Pocket Watches

A Timeless Way to Tell Time

Watches, bands, and pocket watches have been keeping people on time for generations. These classic timepieces add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Our wide selection includes options for both men and women.

From sleek metal bands to leather straps, we have watch bands to match your personal style. Silver, gold, and rose gold tones allow you to accessorize for any occasion. Some bands feature sparkling crystals or mother-of-pearl faces for an eye-catching statement piece. 

For a more casual look, we offer canvas and nylon bands in fun colors and patterns. Wide bands and cuffs make a bold fashion choice, while narrow bands blend seamlessly into your ensemble.

In addition to traditional wristwatches, check out our pocket watches. These antique-inspired accessories are great for formal events or just lending a vintage vibe to everyday wear. The watch fits neatly into a vest or pants pocket while the gold chain clips onto a belt loop or pocket. Go for an elegant look with a polished metal case or opt for a stylized engraving.

Stay on Time in Style

Keep track of the minutes and hours in fashionable form with our collection of watches, bands, and pocket watches. A quality timepiece makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special occasions. Or pick one up for yourself as a sophisticated accessory that complements your personal look.

From gleaming stainless steel to leather, fabric and metal combos, we offer a wide range of materials to fit any taste. Choose a minimalist watch face with clean lines and neutral hues or go bold with a brightly colored dial and sparkling crystals. With features like chronograph detailing, calendar windows, and alarm functions, our watches do more than just tell time. 

Stay punctual and keep your accessories on point with our versatile selection of watches and bands for both men and women. Browse classic styles from top brands designed to keep you on time for years to come. A pocket watch adds a great finishing touch to a three-piece suit or your everyday denim. Keep an eye out for new additions and featured trends in our collection of fashionable timepieces.