Collection: Vintage Style Handheld Mirror - Retro Hand Mirror in Classic Design

The Looking Glass revels in offering the darkly daring and divinely defiant an enchanting escape into antiquity. Our Vintage Style Hand Mirror radiates retro charm and timeworn allure. With an elegantly curved handle and intricately etched floral motifs, this handheld looking glass beckons you to glimpse your true self.

Let the Vintage Style Hand Mirror spirit you away to eras past, when lace and finery adorned the delicate hands of gentle ladies. Yet peer closer—notice the rebellious glint in your reflection's eye. Like our looking glasses, you contain multitudes. So preen and primp to your Gothic heart’s delight. With this antique-inspired, vintage style handheld mirror in hand, unlock portals to your boldest, most beautiful self.

Revel in retro style with this Vintage Style Hand Mirror. Let your inner rebel shine as you embrace your exquisite darkness. We at The Looking Glass make Victorian elegance daring again.